This was the panels reaction to the question –
“Do you ever feel like you’ve gone too far with some of your writing?” Photo credit: Geek Behind the Lens Photography

Our literary, art, and comics track encompasses panels and discussions about books, writers, artists, screenwriting, making comics, and other facets of the creative trade. If you’re a reader, a writer, or artist, you’ll find plenty of information and entertainment here.
Previous guests have included:
Brian Keene, John Farris, Nancy A. Collins, Mark Maddox, James A. Moore, David J. Skal, Charles R Rutledge, Francesco Francavilla, J.E. Browning, James Newman, C. Martin Croker, and many more.
Previous panels have included:
The Running Dead, Blood in Four Colors (comics), Scary Lives! (biographies), Lovecraft, Monster Mutations, Adult Themes in Horror Literature

Want to see what a Monsterama comics panel looks like? Here’s Jack Kirby! King of Monster Comics from virtual Monsterama 2020

Want to see what a Literature panel looks like? Here’s: Did Mary Shelley Invent Science Fiction? from virtual Monsterama 2020.

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